How To Solve Olpair Error With Single Click

The olpair or Open load is one of the best video streaming media. This will allow you to watch your favourite videos without any interruptions through the different add-ons like the exodus, specto,..etc Did you ever find the error when you were watching your favourite videos through the different add-ons. If you were got that error you must follow my instructions to fix your olpair in perfect mode on your kodi addons. If you follow my instructions you will not get any interruptions while watching your favourite videos through your favourite add-ons by using your kodi media player. Then why late just follow the below instructions.

How Would Olpair Work?

Are you using olpair in your kodi then you no need to worry to avoid different unknown adds which are coming to your add-ons in middle of the video? This olpair will be paired with your device IP address. This olpair IP address and your add-on IP address will have stay keeping in touch up to four hours. After four hours you have to reconnect it with the same procedure. After the pairing of these IP address with each other, your video will play again without any disruptions. This is the procedure in which way the olpair would work. If you would not connect with your add-on IP address it will interrupt you until you connect it with your kodi  add-on IP address

Easy Way To Fix Olpair Kodi Error

If you frequently getting an error on your kodi add-on. You have an answer to avoid this crucial problem. There is a simple solution to solve this olpair error on your kodi add-ons. We are providing the solution in the below lines with simple steps. So follow them and get rid of your olpair problem.

  • Make sure you have connected your media device and your mobile or personal computer with the same network
  • Then open one of the web browser in that browser type the following address
  • Turn on your IP vanish and then change your IP address before go to the olpair website
  • Here the screen will say pair your device to use openload with unknown/third-party application
  • Next, you will see a notification as I am not a robot for this you have to give a tick in that given box
  • Now click on the pair
  • Finally, You can use your olpair without any interruptions by using a third-party application.

These are the steps to fix olpair kodi error. If you follow the above procedure you can easily stream your favourite videos without any errors.

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What Did You Learn From Here?

From this article, you have learnt about to fix your olpair error on your kodi by using various add-ons such as Exodus, specto,…etc When you use this method to avoid many interruptions on your kodi you will feel that you get rid of the open load pair error. We hope you understood our explanation and now your interesting to use this olpair.


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