How to Reset Universal Remote Control

Sometimes, the universal remote stops working or some of its keys don’t respond to perform the relevant action. If any of these situations occurs, we need to face issues in operating our device and manage the device functions. To resolve these issues first you need to know the actual cause of the issue or if the universal remote is damaged you need to replace it with another remote. But before purchasing a new remote you need to check if the existing remote can be fixed.

To fix your universal remote you can try various ways, first of which is to replace the remote batteries with a new set of batteries. The other way is to reset the universal remote and program it again to pair with your device and check if it works well. Here is a step by step process you need to follow to reset your universal remote control.

  1. Open the back cover of your remote and remove the remote batteries.
  2. Click on the multiple keys down to discharge the entire remote.
  3. After you wait for 120 seconds for current to discharge from your remote, tap on the power key to check there is no current left and all the lights are off for the remote control.
  4. Now you need to insert a new set of batteries in the universal remote control.
  5. Your remote is reset now. Now you can program new codes in the remote.

How to Reprogram a Universal Remote?

If you want to reprogram your universal remote, the first thing you need to do is to reset the universal remote. To do so with your remote, Open the battery compartment and take off the remote batteries. Click on the power button until all the lights are off for the universal remote. Now install the new batteries and then you can reprogram your universal remote control.

  • Come nearer to the receiver device you are setting up the remote.
  • Find out the remote codes for your device from our remote codes list. We have listed down multiple codes for a single brand so you can select any code and if that doesn’t work you can choose any alternative code to program the remote control.
  • Now enter the remote codes you found and follow the programming process until your remote gets reprogrammed and work perfectly to operate your remote.

Universal Remote Stopped Working?

Having a universal remote that is not working is impossible to handle when you are a fun lover and desperately seeking for home entertainment using the electronics devices you have. In that situation, you may need to find a solution to fix your remote control.

If after resetting the remote, it still doesn’t work, check if there are no obstructions between the remote and receiver device you want to control. Which means you need a clear line of sight between the device and universal remote control. The IR technology is directly aimed at the device you wish to operate. If the IR signals are weak the commands sent will note be successful. Hope this will resolve all your issues with the universal remote.

After trying all the solutions if the remote doesn’t pair with any of the device or functions properly. Then you need to buy another universal remote for your devices and program it again.

Final words:

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