How To Get EGG Morty + One True Morty In Pocket Morty Game

Pocket Mortys game is most popular one, this is kinda similar to Pokemon go game but in this pocket morty, we need to complete levels and catch some mortys. While playing this game you will feel very good. In my case when I started playing this game I stopped Pokemon go because it has good features and good heavy and newly designed levels. Those levels impressed me very well.

This game all about fights with Ricky and reach levels using some Ricky stuff such as egg morty, one morty and etc. By using these morty’s we can fight with Ricky to reach next stages. After fight completed with Ricky, we can reach next level means 1st level to 2nd level like that.

Pocket Mortys Egg And true morty

How to Get Egg Morty In Pocket Mortys

  1. First, we need to go near the portal then looks for Jerry, once you find him you will see a question mark on his head, that means we give badges to get the answer from him. He will ask (3 Badges=battery x6) So give batter to him. once done
  2. Now we need to go to the healing centre and you will find doofus rick and this doofus rick will ask (4 Badges). for 4 badges we can give (plutonic rock x 4).
  3. After moving forward from doofus rick you will see robot rick and he will ask 6 badges. So for 6 badges you can give (Supercharge Battery x6) 
  4. After moving from him we will find “Masy Kallerax”. He will ask 8 badges, for that we need to give to recipes to get egg morty from him. So here I am giving  (1Fleed x9+juice tube).
  5. Once done the process we will get 5 Egg Mortys from him 🙂 , and you also reached level 5.

This same method follows and I got five egg mortys that’s why I shared the same process with you. If have any questions regarding this you can ask rick and morty recipes . Below one true morty method is there once look at that below.

How to Get One True Morty In Pocket Mortys

Now we are going to catch one true morty. If we compare with egg Morty this is very easy to hatch one true morty. So guys read carefully and apply properly.

Just move to the planet and Give the badges to persons what they ask and surely you will get one true morty.

Final Words of Egg Morty And One true Morty

Finally, I shared this guide which I was using from 3months. If you already playing pokemon go then you can easily understand about this game. If you find any worth information from this article so share in social media for reach this guide more pocket morty game lovers.


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