How to Fix vshare eu pair with URL Resolver

The kodi developers have introduced pair why because the kodi is not giving the proper content to the users why because the kodi is getting a huge response from the users and they are also addicted to watching their favourite videos with the kodi software only. That,s why the kodi unable to sustain that much of load to the result of this the kodi developers have introduced this great opportunity which we are calling it as “ Pair”

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to fix vshare pair with the URL resolver. If you want to know more details about this topic you need to stay with us until the end of this tutorial. You might get an information more than you wanted.

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How to Fix with URL Resolver

The URL resolver works background for your kodi software. In that background, it will resolve all you kodi data such as URL address and other wrong mentioned addresses. It also improves the kodi streaming speed with high-quality videos. Now we are going to fix the pair with the URL resolver. So let me start the tutorial.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Click on “System Settings”
  4. Change the “System Settings Mode” to “Expert Mode”
  5. Now click on “Addons”
  6. Select “Manage Dependencies”
  7. A long list will appear from there you have to select “URL resolver”
  8. Click on “Configure”
  9. Here many resolvers have appeared to you from them you have to select any one of your wishing “Resolver #”
  10. Here you need to select “vshare” and make it “Disabled”

This is the way to fix the vshare eu pair with the URL resolver. The procedure can be applicable to any of your devices in which the kodi software you are using now. So use the above procedure and fix the as soon as possible.


This is a short tutorial which can give some relief from the different servers issues. If you have the vshare pair issue problem you may use this tutorial why because this tutorial will provide much information about how to fix vshare pair kodi with URL resolver. If you once fix this by using the URL resolver, your kodi will perform its functions smoothly.

If you want to ask any kind of queries about the and about the URL resolver you can ask us at any time by using the comment section. We will respond to your queries after we got the perfect solution to that query.


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