Sometimes, the universal remote stops working or some of its keys don’t respond to perform the relevant action. If any of these situations occurs, we need to face issues in operating our device and manage the device functions. To resolve these issues first you need to know the actual cause of the issue or if the universal remote is damaged you need to replace it with another remote. But before purchasing a new remote you need to check if the existing remote can be fixed.

To fix your universal remote you can try various ways, first of which is to replace the remote batteries with a new set of batteries. The other way is to reset the universal remote and program it again to pair with your device and check if it works well. Here is a step by step process you need to follow to reset your universal remote control.

  1. Open the back cover of your remote and remove the remote batteries.
  2. Click on the multiple keys down to discharge the entire remote.
  3. After you wait for 120 seconds for current to discharge from your remote, tap on the power key to check there is no current left and all the lights are off for the remote control.
  4. Now you need to insert a new set of batteries in the universal remote control.
  5. Your remote is reset now. Now you can program new codes in the remote.

How to Reprogram a Universal Remote?

If you want to reprogram your universal remote, the first thing you need to do is to reset the universal remote. To do so with your remote, Open the battery compartment and take off the remote batteries. Click on the power button until all the lights are off for the universal remote. Now install the new batteries and then you can reprogram your universal remote control.

  • Come nearer to the receiver device you are setting up the remote.
  • Find out the remote codes for your device from our remote codes list. We have listed down multiple codes for a single brand so you can select any code and if that doesn’t work you can choose any alternative code to program the remote control.
  • Now enter the remote codes you found and follow the programming process until your remote gets reprogrammed and work perfectly to operate your remote.

Universal Remote Stopped Working?

Having a universal remote that is not working is impossible to handle when you are a fun lover and desperately seeking for home entertainment using the electronics devices you have. In that situation, you may need to find a solution to fix your remote control.

If after resetting the remote, it still doesn’t work, check if there are no obstructions between the remote and receiver device you want to control. Which means you need a clear line of sight between the device and universal remote control. The IR technology is directly aimed at the device you wish to operate. If the IR signals are weak the commands sent will note be successful. Hope this will resolve all your issues with the universal remote.

After trying all the solutions if the remote doesn’t pair with any of the device or functions properly. Then you need to buy another universal remote for your devices and program it again.

Final words:

We hope you will like our article about resetting a universal remote control and reprogram it to resolve the remote not working issues. Please write to us how you feel about this article and suggestions you have to make further improvements via the comment section available below on the same page.

Dream League Soccer is one of the greatest football games you can get on smartphones. iOS, Android, and still Windows Phone, no matter which stage you are using, you can still enjoy this sport.

Dream League Soccer Kits

The kits folder comes in a png file that is situate out in such a mode so that it cover the kit correctly, below is a model template that we are putting up for you so that you can understand how the dream league soccer kits and also logo dream league soccer real madrid is prepared. You can even plan your kit also.

  • The pink part covers the front and back portion of the shirt. Make confident to leave a few spaces for the name and number that will help out to identify the players.
  • The light blue part is for sleeves of shirt. The minor areas in the middle are meant for the short sleeve shirt, and the larger areas that are below are for long sleeve shirts.
  • The light green area if for the shorts.
  • Dark blue for socks.
  • The trim colors like yellow, green and red are entirely indicative of the orientation of the areas.
  • The logos can be sited directly on the kit image, so they show in the game a well.
  • Shading and the crease are routinely added to the game.

The Dream League Soccer game has previously gained a lot of awareness lately as it gives the users a real-time gaming knowledge. The users have this functionality of customization; they can modify how the players look, how the ground appears and even can change the backdrop soundtrack. For all the gamers those who loves soccer this game finished its entry into the Smartphone world after making a hit in the PC world.

How to Import DLS Kits

  • If you go into your ‘creativeness mode’ and made a kit for yourself then make sure to host the kit online or prefer from the URLs below that are already up on the internet.
  • For loading the kits, the game is desired to be launched. Now, simply go to the Import Kit section within the Edit Kit menu and paste the URL.
  • The game will routinely download the hosted kit png image and applies it to the players of the preferred team.

Dream League Soccer Kits

  1. TeamPremier League Kits
    2. La Liga Kits
    3. Serie A Kits
    4. Bundesliga Kits
    5. Major League Soccer Kits
    6. Rest Of Europe Team Kits
    7. Rest Of America Team Kits
    8. Rest Of Asian Team Kits
    9. Rest of African Team Kits
    10. Malaysia Liga Super Team Kits
  2. National Team KitsMalaysia Kits
    2. Indonesia Kits
    3. Russia Kits

Fans of football game Dream League Soccer, now you can download the latest Dream League Soccer kits and logos for your DSL team. Dream League Soccer is a game in which the device is formed by First Touch Games Ltd. It became popular among football games played on smart phones.

Besides its football, what makes people like the game is the player can change the location for the logo and jersey’s with own selection.

DnD Roleplaying game is a trendsetting game in recent days. This game is getting the huge response from the peoples. This game has different character sheets in it. DnD character sheet will maintain your data and you can fill your details in it. From this article, we are going to tell you about the d&d 5e character sheet editable, excel and fillable pdf and other topics of dungeons and dragons. Let’s have a look at it.

In dungeons and dragons game each character sheet maintains an abundant place of room to put your data in a perfect way and to keep track your character unique. I think now you may get a doubt in your mind about how to get these character sheet?  am I right? Then why are you silent. you can purchase these character sheets from the local game store. So this is some information about the dnd 5e character sheet. Now we are going to learn about the other relevant topic to this DnD character sheets. The topics are on the below.

DnD 5E Character Sheet Fillable And Editable:

From the below, we have given the topic about the fillable and editable sheets. You can find out them from the below lines. Just go down and learn about DnD 5e character sheet Fillable And Editable

  1. DnD 5E Character Sheet Fillable

With this character sheet, you can fill the details with the help of pencil/pen, character sheet, dice. If you want to fill the details in it like your character skills, modifier, dexterity, etc you can fill them with this character sheet. The one more advantage you have with this character sheet takes a print immediately after fill up your sheet.

2. DnD 5E Character Sheet Editable

If you have filled your character sheet according to the above information. It is good to fill and good to take a print out but when you want to edit or do some corrections on your character sheet what will you do then? For that reason, we are providing DnD 5E character sheet Editable information here. It will help you a lot. You can edit your character sheet with an eraser and with pen/pencil.

DnD 5E Character Sheet Excel And Fillable pdf:

This pdf file will give you some idea about the fillable sheet. That means from this dnd 5e Character sheet fillable pdf file what kind of options have to fill in it and how to use them ..etc you will get to know more from this pdf. If you want to get this fillable pdf you have to click here.

1)DnD 5E Character Sheet Fillable pdf:

2)D&D 5E Character Sheet Excel:

This character sheet can be prepared by the computer. You have to fill all your details in the character sheet through the computer only. It will take several minutes to prepare this character sheet. After finishing your preparation you have to save this sheet in your folder and can take a print out through the computer.

The End of DND 5e Character sheet:

This is all about your dnd 5e character sheet. We included the topic of the dnd 5e character sheet editable, excel and fillable pdf which is relevant to the dnd 5e character sheets.So from this article, you have a chance to know about the dnd 5e character sheets and the other sheets like fillable, editable, excel and also pdf’s. If you want to know more details about the dnd character sheets you have to go here.

The kodi developers have introduced pair why because the kodi is not giving the proper content to the users why because the kodi is getting a huge response from the users and they are also addicted to watching their favourite videos with the kodi software only. That,s why the kodi unable to sustain that much of load to the result of this the kodi developers have introduced this great opportunity which we are calling it as “ Pair”

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to fix vshare pair with the URL resolver. If you want to know more details about this topic you need to stay with us until the end of this tutorial. You might get an information more than you wanted.

Check Out: Olpair Error

How to Fix with URL Resolver

The URL resolver works background for your kodi software. In that background, it will resolve all you kodi data such as URL address and other wrong mentioned addresses. It also improves the kodi streaming speed with high-quality videos. Now we are going to fix the pair with the URL resolver. So let me start the tutorial.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Click on “System Settings”
  4. Change the “System Settings Mode” to “Expert Mode”
  5. Now click on “Addons”
  6. Select “Manage Dependencies”
  7. A long list will appear from there you have to select “URL resolver”
  8. Click on “Configure”
  9. Here many resolvers have appeared to you from them you have to select any one of your wishing “Resolver #”
  10. Here you need to select “vshare” and make it “Disabled”

This is the way to fix the vshare eu pair with the URL resolver. The procedure can be applicable to any of your devices in which the kodi software you are using now. So use the above procedure and fix the as soon as possible.


This is a short tutorial which can give some relief from the different servers issues. If you have the vshare pair issue problem you may use this tutorial why because this tutorial will provide much information about how to fix vshare pair kodi with URL resolver. If you once fix this by using the URL resolver, your kodi will perform its functions smoothly.

If you want to ask any kind of queries about the and about the URL resolver you can ask us at any time by using the comment section. We will respond to your queries after we got the perfect solution to that query.

The olpair or Open load is one of the best video streaming media. This will allow you to watch your favourite videos without any interruptions through the different add-ons like the exodus, specto,..etc Did you ever find the error when you were watching your favourite videos through the different add-ons. If you were got that error you must follow my instructions to fix your olpair in perfect mode on your kodi addons. If you follow my instructions you will not get any interruptions while watching your favourite videos through your favourite add-ons by using your kodi media player. Then why late just follow the below instructions.

How Would Olpair Work?

Are you using olpair in your kodi then you no need to worry to avoid different unknown adds which are coming to your add-ons in middle of the video? This olpair will be paired with your device IP address. This olpair IP address and your add-on IP address will have stay keeping in touch up to four hours. After four hours you have to reconnect it with the same procedure. After the pairing of these IP address with each other, your video will play again without any disruptions. This is the procedure in which way the olpair would work. If you would not connect with your add-on IP address it will interrupt you until you connect it with your kodi  add-on IP address

Easy Way To Fix Olpair Kodi Error

If you frequently getting an error on your kodi add-on. You have an answer to avoid this crucial problem. There is a simple solution to solve this olpair error on your kodi add-ons. We are providing the solution in the below lines with simple steps. So follow them and get rid of your olpair problem.

  • Make sure you have connected your media device and your mobile or personal computer with the same network
  • Then open one of the web browser in that browser type the following address
  • Turn on your IP vanish and then change your IP address before go to the olpair website
  • Here the screen will say pair your device to use openload with unknown/third-party application
  • Next, you will see a notification as I am not a robot for this you have to give a tick in that given box
  • Now click on the pair
  • Finally, You can use your olpair without any interruptions by using a third-party application.

These are the steps to fix olpair kodi error. If you follow the above procedure you can easily stream your favourite videos without any errors.

Check : tvad pair

What Did You Learn From Here?

From this article, you have learnt about to fix your olpair error on your kodi by using various add-ons such as Exodus, specto,…etc When you use this method to avoid many interruptions on your kodi you will feel that you get rid of the open load pair error. We hope you understood our explanation and now your interesting to use this olpair.

Hello to every kodi user. From this article, we are going to tell you that why the not working issue will come often. Actually, this error will come due to the lack of pair IP address with the IP address. So in this article, we are giving the brief clarification on the, So you can use this article whenever you getting the not working issue.

After getting the you will not get any kind of issues why because this is one of the solutions of the kodi developers it was introduced for avoiding some servers list which comes after open the video on their kodi. So find a solution for not working issue from this article.

Why Do We Get Not Working Issue?

Actually, every kodi user is using different addons to watch their favourite videos but most of their addons are giving some servers list issues which are forced to get  But after getting this the users unable to use this service. Why because, the gives its service for four hours only. After four hours the users unable to get the solution for this not working issue. Now we are going to give you the solution to this issue.

I suggest you to use covenant kodi addon for best movies and updated content and much more. They are providing greate updates with great working links.

Solution For Not Working Issue

As we said above you can get some interrupting issues even after getting the to your device. To solve this issue we are giving the steps to solve your not working issue.

  1. when you try to watch a movie you would get some servers list
  2. From these servers list, you have to select
  3. Now open a new browser to type the official address
  4. From that URL you will get an IP address for your device
  5. Now the and your device IP addresses have to pair with each other
  6. Now you will get you have paired successfully notification

So from now onwards you can enjoy all streaming services of your kodi. This videos can come up to four hours after four hours your connection will be lost. So for every four hours, you have to pair it again and again.

Read: olpair pairing Process


From this article, we have tried to give the information to solve the issue of not working issue. Finally, we gathered all the information to solve this issue, so you can solve this issue now. Hope you guys enjoyed this article very well.

If you want to ask more doubts about the you can ask us through the comment box. We will solve your issue which is relevant to the not working issue. So use this opprtunity.

Pocket Mortys game is most popular one, this is kinda similar to Pokemon go game but in this pocket morty, we need to complete levels and catch some mortys. While playing this game you will feel very good. In my case when I started playing this game I stopped Pokemon go because it has good features and good heavy and newly designed levels. Those levels impressed me very well.

This game all about fights with Ricky and reach levels using some Ricky stuff such as egg morty, one morty and etc. By using these morty’s we can fight with Ricky to reach next stages. After fight completed with Ricky, we can reach next level means 1st level to 2nd level like that.

Pocket Mortys Egg And true morty

How to Get Egg Morty In Pocket Mortys

  1. First, we need to go near the portal then looks for Jerry, once you find him you will see a question mark on his head, that means we give badges to get the answer from him. He will ask (3 Badges=battery x6) So give batter to him. once done
  2. Now we need to go to the healing centre and you will find doofus rick and this doofus rick will ask (4 Badges). for 4 badges we can give (plutonic rock x 4).
  3. After moving forward from doofus rick you will see robot rick and he will ask 6 badges. So for 6 badges you can give (Supercharge Battery x6) 
  4. After moving from him we will find “Masy Kallerax”. He will ask 8 badges, for that we need to give to recipes to get egg morty from him. So here I am giving  (1Fleed x9+juice tube).
  5. Once done the process we will get 5 Egg Mortys from him 🙂 , and you also reached level 5.

This same method follows and I got five egg mortys that’s why I shared the same process with you. If have any questions regarding this you can ask rick and morty recipes . Below one true morty method is there once look at that below.

How to Get One True Morty In Pocket Mortys

Now we are going to catch one true morty. If we compare with egg Morty this is very easy to hatch one true morty. So guys read carefully and apply properly.

Just move to the planet and Give the badges to persons what they ask and surely you will get one true morty.

Final Words of Egg Morty And One true Morty

Finally, I shared this guide which I was using from 3months. If you already playing pokemon go then you can easily understand about this game. If you find any worth information from this article so share in social media for reach this guide more pocket morty game lovers.

Most of the Pathfinder character sheet players are familiarised to online sheets of pathfinder character sheet. But there was an issue with this pathfinder character sheet online. If you want to know more information about the Pathfinder character sheet online you have to stay on our website until the end. From this article, we are trying to say about the features of the online pathfinder character sheets and we have included some more interesting information about the online pathfinder character sheet. Just have a look at this article.

Features Of Pathfinder Character Sheet Online

There are so many features in Pathfinder character sheet. If we come to pathfinder online character sheet you can use many features of online pathfinder character sheet. The features are as follows. Just have a look at below

  • Access from any device and cloud-based storage
  • Track prepared, cast spells and spell-likes
  • Digital, enhanced version of the regular paper character sheet
  • You can complete all OGL spell descriptions at your fingertips
  • Annotate feats, gear and more
  • There are no assumptions only user-friendly

The above features are related to the Pathfinder character sheet online. If you want to know about the Pathfinder character sheet online you can read this article and know more information than your co-players. It will help you a lot to know about the features of the Pathfinder character sheet online. We hope this features will let you know about the online character sheets of the Pathfinder.

 More Information About The Pathfinder Character Sheet Online

Here we are providing the information about the Pathfinder character sheet online. It will give you more entertainment than your past experience with the Pathfinder online character sheet. The little information is as follows

The Pathfinder character sheets can be made using the google docs. These online character sheets are complicated to prepare but these online character sheets are powerful to use. You can create the online character sheets with your group by paying some amount to one player. This is how you can create the online pathfinder character sheet. We hope this will give a lot of knowledge about the Pathfinder character sheet online and we are assuming and feeling that you can create your own character sheet through the online.

These online sheets can be used by anyone and it can be used at anywhere. But try to avoid sharing of your ability scores when you are sharing your character sheets to your third parties or your non-group players.


From this article, we are trying to explain about the Pathfinder character sheet online. We feel happy when you would understand and able to create your own character sheets through your group. We are also including the features of the online character sheets of pathfinder game. If you want to know about more interesting sheets you have to wait for the update of our website article. We will update it and we will include the solutions of others those who are asking to us through the comments and through the email.