Not Working Pairing Solution

Hello to every kodi user. From this article, we are going to tell you that why the not working issue will come often. Actually, this error will come due to the lack of pair IP address with the IP address. So in this article, we are giving the brief clarification on the, So you can use this article whenever you getting the not working issue.

After getting the you will not get any kind of issues why because this is one of the solutions of the kodi developers it was introduced for avoiding some servers list which comes after open the video on their kodi. So find a solution for not working issue from this article.

Why Do We Get Not Working Issue?

Actually, every kodi user is using different addons to watch their favourite videos but most of their addons are giving some servers list issues which are forced to get  But after getting this the users unable to use this service. Why because, the gives its service for four hours only. After four hours the users unable to get the solution for this not working issue. Now we are going to give you the solution to this issue.

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Solution For Not Working Issue

As we said above you can get some interrupting issues even after getting the to your device. To solve this issue we are giving the steps to solve your not working issue.

  1. when you try to watch a movie you would get some servers list
  2. From these servers list, you have to select
  3. Now open a new browser to type the official address
  4. From that URL you will get an IP address for your device
  5. Now the and your device IP addresses have to pair with each other
  6. Now you will get you have paired successfully notification

So from now onwards you can enjoy all streaming services of your kodi. This videos can come up to four hours after four hours your connection will be lost. So for every four hours, you have to pair it again and again.

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From this article, we have tried to give the information to solve the issue of not working issue. Finally, we gathered all the information to solve this issue, so you can solve this issue now. Hope you guys enjoyed this article very well.

If you want to ask more doubts about the you can ask us through the comment box. We will solve your issue which is relevant to the not working issue. So use this opprtunity.


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