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Dream League Soccer 2018 is one of the greatest football games you can get on smartphones. iOS, Android, and still Windows Phone, no matter which stage you are using, you can still enjoy this sport.

Dream League Soccer 2018 Kits

The kits folder comes in a png file that is situate out in such a mode so that it cover the kit correctly, below is a model template that we are putting up for you so that you can understand how the dream league soccer kits is prepared. You can even plan your kit also.

  • The pink part covers the front and back portion of the shirt. Make confident to leave a few spaces for the name and number that will help out to identify the players.
  • The light blue part is for sleeves of shirt. The minor areas in the middle are meant for the short sleeve shirt, and the larger areas that are below are for long sleeve shirts.
  • The light green area if for the shorts.
  • Dark blue for socks.
  • The trim colors like yellow, green and red are entirely indicative of the orientation of the areas.
  • The logos can be sited directly on the kit image, so they show in the game a well.
  • Shading and the crease are routinely added to the game.

The Dream League Soccer game has previously gained a lot of awareness lately as it gives the users a real-time gaming knowledge. The users have this functionality of customization; they can modify how the players look, how the ground appears and even can change the backdrop soundtrack. For all the gamers those who loves soccer this game finished its entry into the Smartphone world after making a hit in the PC world.

How to Import DLS 2018 kits

  • If you go into your ‘creativeness mode’ and made a kit for yourself then make sure to host the kit online or prefer from the URLs below that are already up on the internet.
  • For loading the kits, the game is desired to be launched. Now, simply go to the Import Kit section within the Edit Kit menu and paste the URL.
  • The game will routinely download the hosted kit png image and applies it to the players of the preferred team.

Dream League Soccer Kits 2018-19

  1. TeamPremier League Kits 2018
    2. La Liga Kits 2018
    3. Serie A Kits 2018
    4. Bundesliga Kits 2018
    5. Major League Soccer Kits 2018
    6. Rest Of Europe Team Kits 2018
    7. Rest Of America Team Kits 2018
    8. Rest Of Asian Team Kits 2018
    9. Rest of African Team Kits 2018
    10. Malaysia Liga Super Team Kits 2018


  2. National Team KitsMalaysia Kits 2018
    2. Indonesia Kits 2018
    3. Russia Kits 2018

Fans of football game Dream League Soccer 2018, now you can download the latest Dream League Soccer kits and logos for your DSL team. Dream League Soccer 2018 is a game in which the device is formed by First Touch Games Ltd. It became popular among football games played on smart phones.

Besides its football, what makes people like the game is the player can change the location for the logo and jersey’s with own selection.



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